Left: Warner Bros. ; Right: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Left: Warner Bros. ; Right: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
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We Love You, Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe received a much-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday

Hannah Vaitsblit
November 12, 2015
Left: Warner Bros. ; Right: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Left: Warner Bros. ; Right: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

On Thursday morning in Hollywood, Daniel Radcliffe, everyone’s favorite Jewish atheist wizard, officially received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Radcliffe’s career enshrinement, in addition to his rapping skills and “skinhead” haircut may try to convince us that he has amassed value outside of his Hogwarts days, but we all know this star really belongs to the prolific Harry Potter. Here’s a look back at the things Potterheads love about Radcliffe’s Harry:

But… we’ll forgive him for the times he needs to be reminded…

Those irreplaceable faces, because you know, how else would you describe “pincers.” These HP expressions include that signature eye-roll, framed by those nebbishy glasses, which gets me every time.

It may come off as a bit haughty, but we can’t resist Harry’s brutal honesty and his willingness to screw over Slytherin at all costs, even if it means swallowing inedibles.

His immense ability to make good decisions and hang out with the right people.

His Jewish soul and mitzvah-boy mentality. After all, burial is the greatest honor to the dead, even though the Talmud forgot to mention house elves.

We kvell over his menschy self-sacrifice, which usually fails, until it goes way too far. I mean, snapping the Elder Wand just like that?! Totally anticlimactic.

…and admire his persistence and pedagogy. However, his defiance of physics and common sense is puzzling—but whatever—entertainment calls.

…And marvel at the way he always maintains that perfectly schvitzy beat-up look (scar emphasized for effect) that reminds us how hard he’s working to expelliarmus the bad guys all the way to Azkaban.

And of course, that hard-earned Hollywood star really rests on his, er, mastery of magic:

Below is Harry, I mean Daniel, receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We all know it’s almost as good as getting into Griffyndor.

Hannah Vaitsblit is an intern at Tablet.

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