(Esther Werdiger)
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Welcoming Tablet’s Newest Staff Member

Esther Werdiger is our new art director

Staff Notes
October 24, 2014
(Esther Werdiger)

We’re excited to announce that we’ve hired Esther Werdiger as our new art director. Esther’s writing, comics, and artwork have appeared at The Awl, The Hairpin (where her fantastic League of Ordinary Ladies comic series has a devoted following), The Forward, Saveur, and Lilith. She’s also written movingly for the Scroll about a Yom Kippur ritual she can’t give up.

In addition, she produces Sounds Ace, a music podcast, and co-runs Bury The Fork, a kosher food blog (sample posts: About the Tin of Schmaltz in My Fridge; A Girl and Her Gravlax).

We’re thrilled to have the enormously talented Esther on board, and look forward to hearing another Australian accent around the office. You’ll be seeing her handiwork on the site starting next month.

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