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Which Jew Will Draper Seduce?

Gaming the upcoming season of ‘Mad Men’

Marc Tracy
March 23, 2012
Don Draper and Dr. Faye Miller.(Mad Men Wiki)
Don Draper and Dr. Faye Miller.(Mad Men Wiki)

In Season 1, it was department store heiress Rachel Menken Katz. In Season 2 (the season that isn’t very good), it was Bobbie Barrett, the wife and manager of the comedian. And, of course, last season, it was Dr. Faye Miller. It’s a fact: Don Draper, whose creator is one Matthew Weiner, has a thing for Jewish women (and who could blame him!). So which, or which type, will Draper bed this season, which begins Sunday evening on AMC?

5:1 A proto-hippie chick with a conspicuously Jewish name (it is 1966).

7:1 Jane Siegel-Sterling.

10:1 Gloria Steinem.

12:1 An Israeli.

15:1 Rachel Menken Katz again.

20:1 Felicia Cohn Montealegre, a.k.a. Mrs. Leonard Bernstein.

25:1 A character not-so-loosely based on Barbra Streisand.

35:1 A character not-so-loosely based on Susan Sontag.

100:1 None: after all, he’s a happily married man again!

500:1 Foreign Minister Golda Meir.

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Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.