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Woody Allen Making Love: A Supercut

The most fun you’ll ever have without laughing

Elissa Goldstein
November 05, 2013

Ever received an invitation to “make love” and felt immediately, viscerally creeped out by it? You know, in a predatory-older-professor-stroking-the-honey-blonde-hair-of-his-unwitting-freshman-student kind of way? If only you’d had a handy supercut of every single Woody Allen reference to “making love” ever to explain why this is just NOT A SEXY WAY TO TALK ABOUT HAVING SEX.

Thanks to the good folks at Official Comedy, now you do! “Woody Allen Making Love: A Supercut” is an awkward, funny, salient reminder of the fact that while making love is good, actually calling it “making love” is… not.

Enjoy, lovers.

Elissa Goldstein is Tablet’s director of audience development. She also produces Unorthodox. Follow her on Twitter here.