It wasn’t supposed to end like this. Even those who predicted that Benjamin Netanyahu would remain Israel’s prime minister believed he’d do so in spite of humbling returns that would force him to scramble to put together a coalition. Instead, the man Israelis like to call King Bibi, and not too ironically, delivered another upset victory, emerging at the head of a seemingly unshakable hard-right coalition. Early on in the night, his key opponent, army veteran but political rookie Benny Gantz, pronounced himself the winner; Bibi soon emerged to set the record straight. What’s the secret to his success? And what awaits him now that he’s about to assemble his fifth government? Tablet’s ongoing coverage of Netanyahu offers some insights on everything from his failed rivals to his ongoing indictment.


What Bibi’s Indictment Means

The Attorney General’s misguided decision to charge the Prime Minister with bribery and breach of trust may spell trouble for the future of Israeli democracy


The Enigmatic Benny Gantz

Campaigning to become Israel’s next prime minister, Gantz represents something that Israelis love: a veteran soldier carrying an olive branch


Why Naftali Bennett Decapitated the Settler Right and What It Means for Israel’s Future

How the shaming of a soccer star led to the biggest shake-up in Israeli politics and finally unchained Netanyahu’s chief right-wing rival

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