Socialism is having a moment: Under attack in Venezuela and in focus during President Trump’s State of the Union address, the old ideology is making new headlines. Today, we’ve three stories about Jews living with and grappling with socialism: One about Camp Kinderland, where American kids spoke in Yiddish and dreamed of revolution; one about growing up Bundist in St. Louis; and one about a socialist kibbutz in the heart of Brooklyn.


My Life on a Socialist Kibbutz in Brooklyn, and What I Learned There

Looking back on an American and Jewish experiment in communal living


My American Bundism

What the 120-year-old political and cultural movement meant to a young Jewish feminist in St. Louis


‘Commie Camp’ Documentary Captures Camp Kinderland’s Idealism, and Its Imperfections

Once a utopian getaway for children of socialists and left-wing organizers, the camp remains an essential haven for ‘weird Jews’

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