We each have our own, private promised land.

For some, it’s the street we grew up on, innocent and sweet. For others, it’s the big city we’ll one day conquer with our talent and our poise. It may be consecrated by God above or by our own appetites here below. Whatever it is, we could hardly survive without some special, holy place to yearn for when times are tough.

Today, we’ve three stories about yearning for a promised land: One that puts American summer campers in mind of fleeing the old continent for the safety of the new; one that contemplates just how impossible it is for the Jewish state to be yet another normal country; and one that parachutes Jorge Luis Borges into Jerusalem, contemplating Zionism and redemption.


Borges in Jerusalem

Memories of the Argentine literary mystic’s visit to the Holy Land, and of his nuanced Zionism


Is Zionism Racism?

Israel is not a normal state. Here’s why.


How to Make It to the Promised Land

A short story explores what happens when a camp game goes horribly awry

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