Your trusty correspondant.(Photo by Margarita Korol)

We’re hot, sweaty, and covered in clay. We arrived at 7 this morning and have been going Extreme, as promised, all day long. We’ve now been up for more than 30 hours, and we’re starting to get weird.

Stay tuned today for more about Birthright Israel’s mission and rules as explained to us earlier—no drinking before 8 p.m., guys—and where we’re headed next.

Hebrew word of the day: misperei barzel, which literally translates to “numbers of iron.” Apparently that’s what IDF commanders say to their troops. It’s also what our tour guide Yoav says before we start counting off, which we do often, loudly, and in public. Then the person holding our Israeli flag, which travels with us at all times, yells degel. It means flag, people.

-Signing off for numbers 7, 17, 33, and 41