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After the Holocaust, the Dutch Tried To Collect Past Due Taxes From Survivors

Vox Tablet — Jul 21, 2014

How one shy, whistle-blowing intern in an Amsterdam archive uncovered a travesty that insulted a decimated community

Centuries Ago, Jews Were Farmers Like Everybody Else. Why Did They Leave the Fields?

Vox Tablet — Jul 14, 2014

Two economists argue that literacy, not laws forbidding land ownership, created a small, widely dispersed and highly skilled minority

Rethinking the Controversial Figure Who Helped Establish the State of Israel

Yale University Press (Sponsored) — Jul 7, 2014

Known for right-wing politics, Vladimir Jabotinsky left an equally critical literary legacy. Hillel Halkin looks at it all.

The Musicians of Zvuloon Dub System Marry Ethiopian Soul with Roots Reggae

Vox Tablet — Jun 30, 2014

If an album could be said to capture the sound of multiethnic Tel Aviv, this one would be it

Taking on Tamarind, a Staple of Syrian Jewish Cooking, With Aleppo’s Culinary Ambassador

Vox Tablet — Jun 23, 2014

Cookbook writer Poopa Dweck shares the key to her savory delights

Sigmund Freud Tried Thwarting Biographers. That Didn’t Stop Adam Phillips.

Yale University Press (Sponsored) — Jun 16, 2014

The esteemed author talks about all the reasons the founder of psychoanalysis would have objected to a new examination of his life

Criminal Attachments: Immigration, Family, and Fraud in Soviet Brooklyn

Vox Tablet — Jun 9, 2014

Boris Fishman’s dark new novel explores the tensions between a grandson and his elders as he evolves into an American

Is It All Doom and Gloom for Jews in Europe? Student Leaders Say No.

Vox Tablet — May 30, 2014

Alongside the rise of xenophobic political parties and anti-Semitic incidents, there are signs of Jewish unity and revival

When We Were Illegal Aliens: Jewish Immigration Under the Quota Laws

Vox Tablet — May 27, 2014

In a new book, Libby Garland unearths the smugglers, schemes, and pluck Jews relied on to reach the United States

Joshua Ferris Takes on All Kinds of Decay in His Ambitious New Novel

Vox Tablet — May 19, 2014

‘To Rise Again at a Decent Hour’ wrestles with faith, community, baseball, and what it means to refuse to fill your cavities

Is It OK To Dance After the Holocaust? Absolutely, Says the Band Golem

Vox Tablet — May 12, 2014

The klezmer punk rockers cover lots of ground on their rollicking new album, ‘Tanz.’ They want you to get crazy to all of it.

Roz Chast Drags Us Kicking, Screaming, and Laughing, Into the Land of the Infirm

Vox Tablet — May 6, 2014

A conversation with the cartoonist who, in a new graphic memoir, finds humor and pathos in her parents’ last years

Neither Anatevka Nor Auschwitz: One Man’s Revelatory Roots Trip to Poland

Vox Tablet — Apr 29, 2014

Jonathan Groubert discovers just how unreliable family histories can be when held up against archives and artifacts

How an Alabama Doctor Became a Rabbi to His Patients at a Groundbreaking AIDS Clinic

Vox Tablet — Apr 17, 2014

In his memoir ‘Positive,’ Michael Saag warns that our broken health care system is more dangerous than the AIDS epidemic

Leonard Cohen’s Long, Strange, Sometimes Tortured Road to Mastering His Own Sound

Vox Tablet — Apr 7, 2014

Liel Leibovitz, who has a new book out on the rock ’n’ roll poet, looks at how Cohen’s songs evolved from bleak to transcendent


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