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Orthodox Women Turn to Other Orthodox Women During Pregnancy and Childbirth

Kylie Jane Wakefield — Aug 11, 2014

Observant mothers-to-be hire doulas who share their religious practices and understand their specific needs

Camp Offers Sick Jewish Children—and Their Families—a Vacation From Illness

Tova Ross — Jul 29, 2014

For two weeks at Camp Simcha every summer, campers aren’t kids with cancer or kids with cerebral palsy. They’re just kids.

What Little League Baseball Taught Me About Being a Jewish Parent

Jordana Horn — Jul 14, 2014

Bending my rules—but not breaking them—let my son play ball without forgetting that family and synagogue still come first

To Cut or Not To Cut: Finding Alternatives to Circumcision

Marjorie Ingall — Jul 9, 2014

New rituals create ways to symbolically acknowledge Jews’ covenant with God without actually circumcising infants

How the Pledge of Allegiance Helped Me Love ‘Hatikvah’

Mark Oppenheimer — Jul 2, 2014

The nationalist anthem my kids sing at camp makes me uneasy. But I grew up reciting a jingoistic pledge, and I turned out OK.

Camp Puts Jewish Values to the Test—That’s Why Camp Friendships Endure

Marjorie Ingall — Jun 17, 2014

While kids play ball, swap clothes, and steal their first kisses, they also learn about community, identity, and being a mensch

The 13 Worst Jewish Fathers in Literature, From Abraham to Mr. Portnoy

Marjorie Ingall — Jun 12, 2014

They lie. They cheat. The treat their kids terribly. This Father’s Day, be thankful your own dad is such a mensch.

A Different Kind of Summer Vacation: Jewish Teens Take a Bus Across America

Marjorie Ingall — May 22, 2014

Through music, politics, and barbecue, Etgar 36 trips help high-school students develop a sense of identity as Jews and Americans

A Trip to Ukraine Reveals My Family’s Connection to a Literary Legend

Misha Galperin — May 19, 2014

Visiting Odessa, the city where I grew up, I learned how Isaac Babel turned my great-great-grandmother into an iconic character

Teaching My Son About Judaism—and Atheism

Lauren Apfel — May 13, 2014

A Jewish education helped him get over his childhood obsession with Jesus. Then he made up his own mind about what he believed.

Imagining the Lives of the Jewish Mothers Behind Famous Jews

Steve Brodner — May 9, 2014

How Jewish moms might have put their kids on the path to greatness—perhaps unintentionally

Jewish Mothers vs. Mothers Who Happen To Be Jewish

Sara Ivry — May 7, 2014

‘The Jewish Daughter Diaries’ paints an often-predictable portrait of Jewish moms. My own family’s history is more complicated.

Ultra-Orthodox Parents of Children With Mental Illness Face Lonely Struggles

Sabine Heinlein — May 5, 2014

When one teen began bingeing and purging, there were places she could go, but her mother felt she had nowhere to turn

Two Excellent New Picture Books Help Kids Learn About the Holocaust

Marjorie Ingall — Apr 30, 2014

‘The Whispering Town’ and ‘Hidden’ are among the best contributions in years to Holocaust literature for young children

Neither Anatevka Nor Auschwitz: One Man’s Revelatory Roots Trip to Poland

Vox Tablet — Apr 29, 2014

Jonathan Groubert discovers just how unreliable family histories can be when held up against archives and artifacts


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