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Iran To Investigate JCC Bombing

Why is Argentina letting Iran examine the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, a crime Hezbollah surely committed?

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This July 18, 1994, file photo shows Argentinian rescue workers searching the remains of the AMIA headquarters in Buenos Aires. (Daniel Luna/AFP/Getty Images)
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Jacobo Timerman’s son Héctor says there’s no such thing as an anti-Semitic country

On July 18, 1994, a massive car bombing leveled the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people and wounding hundreds. That there have been no arrests after almost 20 years, that the initial investigations foundered and were marred by incompetence and corruption, is what led Argentina’s former president, the late Nestor Kirchner, to call the case a “national disgrace.” Apparently that message didn’t get through to his widow, current President Cristina Kirchner, who late last month announced that Argentina was partnering with the Islamic Republic of Iran—the country allegedly responsible for the attack, and one in the business of murdering Jews— to establish an independent international “truth commission” tasked with examining evidence and recommending how to proceed “based on the laws and regulations of both countries.”

The timing of the announcement (International Holocaust Day) and the manner of its delivery (Kirchner’s Facebook page and Twitter feed) has only added insult to injury. “Historic,” Kirchner called the agreement, “because never will we allow the AMIA tragedy to be used as a chess piece in a game of faraway geopolitical interests,” she added with no apparent sense of irony. The reality is that the purpose of the agreement is to bury the case entirely. It’s not a truth commission, but a deal: In exchange for Buenos Aires handing Tehran a diplomatic coup, the Iranians will do their part to help rescue a moribund Argentinian economy through investment and trade.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon likened the formation of the truth committee to “inviting the murderer to participate in the murder investigation.” It’s a fair assessment. From the outset, the Iranian regime was believed to have been responsible for the AMIA Jewish community center attack, as well as the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, which killed 29 and injured 242.

But it wasn’t until October 2006, when Argentinian special prosecutors officially charged that it had been carried out by a team of Hezbollah operatives, including the late head of the terrorist group’s external operations unit, Imad Mughniyeh, under the direction of the highest authorities in Tehran. An Argentinian court issued arrest warrants for Mughniyeh as well as six senior Iranian figures, among them former President Ali Rafsanjani and current Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi. According to the report that the special prosecutors presented the judge in the case, a group called the Special Affairs Committee, which includes Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Rafsanjani, convened in the Iranian city of Mashad on Aug. 14, 1993, to approve the attack.

Iran, of course, has long denied any involvement in the AMIA attack, and its intense diplomatic efforts to shirk responsibility seem to have finally paid off. Mutual commercial interests and shared ideological sympathies have brought Argentina and Iran closer than ever before—and this so-called truth committee is only the latest evidence of the increasingly close alliance.


First, there’s the pragmatic reason for the Iran-Argentina relationship. The Argentinian economy is foundering. Outstanding World Bank and Paris Club debts have cut off Argentina’s access to international credit markets, and Iran, under heavy U.S. and E.U. sanctions, needs trading partners. “The Argentinian government is desperate for money,” Pablo Kleinman, a Latin America policy analyst, told me. And with the value of Iran’s currency plummeting due to sanctions, it is coming to rely more heavily on Argentina’s agricultural exports, which help keep food prices down within Iran. “Argentina is making overtures to a number of third-world countries besides Iran,” Kleinman said, “especially energy rich-dictatorships, like Angola and Algeria, to get them to invest.”

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I remember when Israel saved Jacobo Timerman’s life by granting him political asylum from the Argentine junta. No one else would help him and his family.He thanked them by becoming an enemy of the Jewish people and so did his son. Jacobo Timerman was rabidly anti-Israel and so is his son (who had moved to NY from Israel). They have continually sided with Israel’s enemies and those that claim the right to murder Jewish children.That family sold out the Jewish community in Argentina and the rest of the world along time ago always siding with radical leftists and communists. The Timermans may have a recognizable Jewish name but they are what we call “as a Jew, Jews.”

“Where anti-Semitism was once a prominent feature of Argentina’s right-wing politics, now it’s a part of the left. And the Argentinian left, like much of Latin America, interprets Iran’s shadow war against the United States and Israel as a pillar of left-wing resistance to neo-imperialist hegemony. In other words: Terrorist attacks on Jews are a necessary, if sometimes regrettable, phase in the progressive struggle against the West.”
Where is your evidence for this accusation?

Danp359 says:

I don’t know where this shameful LIE about Israel being the only friend Jacobo Timerman had comes from. From his NYT obituary:

“During a period in which three separate judicial bodies cleared Mr. Timerman of all charges against him, his incarceration drew worldwide attention, with various people and institutions protesting the violation of his human rights. These included Henry A. Kissinger, President Jimmy Carter, Cyrus R. Vance, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Vatican, Amnesty International and the human rights commission of the Organization of American States.

“After the Supreme Court for the second time ordered Mr. Timerman’s release, on Sept. 25, the ruling generals summarily and illegally stripped him of his citizenship, confiscated his newspaper and other properties and put him on a plane for Israel, where he claimed his Jewish right to citizenship.”

Contrary to another lie written here by “Independent Patriot,” Timerman was a lifelong Zionist and not “rabidly anti-Israel.” He didn’t sell out anyone. But he criticized the established institutions of the Argentine Jewish community for passivity in the face of campaign of oppression by the military junta that had a blatantly antisemitic aspect to it.

He appears to have roused the ire of the Israeli Extreme Right and their supporters in the USA by opposing Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982, and by daring to raise the issue of Israel’s military support for the Argentine military junta.

As usual, these people are willing to slur anyone with their blatant lies.

rightcoaster says:

The Wikipedia bio of Jacobo Timmerman does not show the side of things you do. Can you point to a good source?

neils60 says:

I remember listening to Jacobo speak at a Reform Temple at a reform temple in Connecticut in the early 80′s. I can assure you that the “Independent Patriot’s” assessment of Jacobo is accurate.

I just returned from 3 weeks in Argentina. The country is unraveling. 25-25% annual inflation rate, no mortgages re escalating interest rates. 60% consumer loan charges, poverty on the streets – corruption everywhere – so this is the sad result – deals with terrorist states to help stay afloat. It is a sad day for Argentina – otherwise a beautiful country with marvelous people.

Danp359 says:

If it’s accurate, please elaborate. The assurance of an anonymous poster is worthless otherwise.

herbcaen says:

Timermann follows the tradition of Eichmann (even living in Argentina like Eichmann) in assisting with the Iranian coverup of murderers of Jews in Argentina. It is my hope that one day, Timermann will find himself on trial in Jerusalem, sitting in the same seat as Eichmann did, and will be convicted of crimes against humanity like Eichmann was

Anon Ymous says:

It is well-known that most leftists are anti-Semites who side with Islamonazis.

“It is well known” is not evidence.


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Iran To Investigate JCC Bombing

Why is Argentina letting Iran examine the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, a crime Hezbollah surely committed?