(Margarita Korol/Tablet Magazine)

This week in Tablet Magazine, Micah Stein reported on Sunday’s Hasidic rally against the Internet, Michael J. Totten filed from Tunisia, and old Jews told jokes on the Vox Tablet podcast.

On The Scroll, we looked at Egypt’s presidential race, the peace process, and France’s new cabinet. Liel Leibovitz chastised Eduardo Saverin’s chastisers. I wondered why only Israel seems to care that the Munich 11 be commemorated at this summer’s Olympics. Margarita Korol gave the Greek neo-Nazi party a few makeover suggestions.

New York was decadent and depraved, much like its depiction of Beirut.

Giulio Meotti got caught lifting phrases without attribution for an essay about Israel’s gay rights record. William Kristol clarified what he meant to say about President Obama, the Emergency Committee for Israel, and J Street. International Crisis Group’s Robert Blecher explained how the peace process could have a future.

Gays are the new Jews, a deal with Iran is the new no deal with Iran, and Bugs Bunny is from Brooklyn, baby.