Fred Karger may not have won the Republican nomination, but the openly gay, Jewish candidate has gained ground in his discrimination claim against the American Conservative Union Foundation. The claim, filed with the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights, alleges that Karger was denied a booth at the ACUF-run CPAC conference because he is gay.

The Huffington Post reports:

The ACUF tried to have the complaint dismissed, arguing that it doesn’t run CPAC — rather, the related but separate American Conservative Union does — and has a First Amendment right to chose who speaks at its events. The group also argued that its disagreement with Karger was over his support for gay marriage and not his own sexual orientation. Gustavo Velasquez, the Office of Human Rights’ director, rebuffed that argument, and found that “an investigation is warranted” into the causes of Karger’s exclusion from CPAC.

“Good news,” Karger said in a phone interview, “they stood up to the bullies.”

Fred Karger, Gay Republican Presidential Candidate, Wins Round 1 In Complaint Against CPAC [Huffington Post]
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