Marine Le Pen after the presidential election on April 22. (Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images)

• Arrests of South Sudanese refugees escalated over the weekend, prompting a mass protest. Interior Minister Eli Yishai told Israeli radio that this is only the beginning. [JPost]

• After the first round of parliamentary elections it looks like Marine Le Pen and the National Front won’t get a chance to redefine the French right-wing. Too bad, so sad. [NYT]

• Maybe she would have done better if she (or at least, her lawyer) spent less time planning to sue Bernard-Heni Levy, apparently without irony, for libel over an article he wrote suggesting that Le Pen attacks people with Jewish-sounding names. [JTA]

• Ethiopian Israelis are increasingly working towards equal treatment. [NYT]

• A Frank Bruni op-ed about growing Republican support for same-sex marriage is (between the lines) actually about Jewish Republican support for same-sex marriage. And yes, we noticed this last year. [NYT]

• One of those Jewish Republicans, Paul Singer, gets an even closer look. [NYT]

• In a fun new twist, Haredi anti-Zionists spray painted Yad Vashem with phrases like “Hitler, thanks for the Holocaust.” You can read a first-hand account later at Tablet’s new blog, The Roll. [JPost]

• A long profile of Etan Patz’ alleged killer. [NYT]

• Remember the fears that Syria could spill over into neighboring countries? Yeah. [NYT]