Shas MK Eli Yishai after being heckled for gutting Israel's fire response ahead of the Carmel forest fire(Oded Balilty - Pool/Getty Images)

• The religious right parties Shas and United Torah Judaism are threatening to break from the Likud government after the next election if the proposed alternative to the law allowing ultra-Orthodox exemption from national service is not changed. [JPost]

• The U.S. has exempted China and Singapore from penalties for their trade with Iran, because the two countries have reduced their use of Iranian oil. [NYT]

• Iranian press is reporting that seven months after Iranians raided the British Embassy the two nations are mending diplomatic ties. [NYT]

• 190 people died in Syria in a single day. Apparently they’re getting better at it. [JPost/Reuters]

• The British Secretary of State will not back the call for a moment of silent at the Olympics to commemorate the Munich Massacre. [JTA]

• Ivan Karp, Pop art dealer and macher, is dead. He was 86. [NYT]