Women in Gaza City last week.(Mohammed Abed/AFP/GettyImages)

• Hamas put the kibosh on voter registration in Gaza, which had been one of the few ostensible steps toward reconciliation with Fatah on display. [NYT]

• Iran’s leaders continue to slowly reveal the extent to which sanctions have successfully punished the country. [WP]

• A top German intelligence official was forced to resign following revelations that his department had shredded documents in relation to a probe of a neo-Nazi group. [NYT]

Haaretz editor-in-chief Aluf Benn reflects on how the exemptions from mandatory IDF service are reflective of Israel’s demographic fraying and have lowered the status and importance of the army itself. [Haaretz]

• The defense of Sheldon Adelson goes like this: at least he’s open about all of it! [Bloomberg View]

• Axl Rose landed in Israel ahead of a concert tonight. The irony is that Guns N’ Roses will be without Slash, its Jewish member. [Haaretz]