(Ken Regan/Camera 5/NYT)

The Times has a very Timesy article today about how developers want to re-brand the Catskills as a bucolic, outdoorsy, locavore/Brooklyn/whatever type of retreat, and erase the popular image of the upstate mountain range as a place where Jews went in the summer to eat lots of food, listen to second-rate comedians, and not be put in a corner.

But accompanying the piece are several photographs of the old, weird Catskills, including the one above, which was taken at Kutsher’s. How about a caption contest? Here are a few to get you started:

“Hey, I ordered my sausage circumcised!”


“Of course I know I’m wearing a ridiculous shirt!”

“Kutsher’s? I hardly know her!”

“I have rabies!”

Now your turn, in the comments.

Seeking To Lure the Crowds Again. But Hold the Borscht.