When the animal-rights group PETA released grisly undercover footage shot in 2004 at the Agriprocessors kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, it began four-year cycle of bad press and misfortune for the company that is only now coming to a close. We couldn’t help but think of the meat plant—and feel a little pang of sympathy for it—when we heard of PETA’s latest attention-getting stunt. In observance of National Veggie Dog Day, the group yesterday sent two scantily-clad Playboy playmates to Capitol Hill to hand out free not-dogs and sing the praises of a meat-free life.

One is tempted to wonder how differently things might have turned out if instead of a camera-hiding sleuth, PETA had sent these two beauties to Iowa. But, then, maybe Capitol Hill and Postville aren’t all that far from each other. In the old joke, aren’t the two things you’re never supposed to see produced sausages and laws? And there’s another commonality between Congress and a kosher slaughterhouse: a professed aversion to pork.

Video: Peta Parades Playmates for Vegans [Politico]