(Art by Margarita Korol, Art Director and Associate Producer of ArtOnBrighton 2012.)

• According to Israeli paper Yedioth Ahronoth, a high-level meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and American ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro had a heated disagreement over President Obama’s approach to Iranian’s nuclear program. [Times of Israel]

• Sheldon Adelson’s daughter reportedly got into a brush-up with a producer from Democracy Now! at the Republican National Convention and threw a journalist’s camera as he tried to ask Sheldon Adelson his thoughts on the Republican ticket. [NYMag]

• In a study by Gesher, 74 percent of Israelis said they believe that the state should force ultra-Orthodox students to take a core curriculum of classes. [YNet]

• Margarita Korol on Brighton Beach, post-Soviet style partying, and owning your roots. [Jewcy]

• It’s Itzhak Perlman’s birthday. Pop some bottles, y’all. Or watch this.