U.S. Embassy in Tunisia(AFP/Getty)

● In a very bad week, anti-American riots spread to Tunisia, where a U.S. embassy was stormed. Three protestors were killed by police. [Reuters]

● According to Mitt Romney, he and President Obama have the same ‘red line’ on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program, but maintain different strategies on how to prevent the Islamic republic from reaching it. [JTA]

● A new vegan cookbook? A book proposal by Monica Lewinsky is reportedly making the rounds at publishing houses. [NYMag]

● Elizabeth Simins has a new comic on forgiveness up at Jewcy. [Jewcy]

● Lastly, to usher in the new year, we’ve got a jam from Justin Bieber, who is not Jewish, but whose manager, Scooter Braun, is. Read the profile of Braun in the New Yorker. [TNY]