The Syrian Town of Ras al-Ain from the Turkish Border(AFP Getty)

• The shelling of a rebel-held border town near Turkey and the firing of mortars into Israel by the Assad regime in Syria has made the expansion of the Syrian conflict seem likely. [NYT]

• All in the game: The Jewish Federation of North America’s General Assembly in Baltimore this week was briefly evacuated following an issue with water pressure. [Times of Israel]

• Thomas Friedman on whether President Obama will exact “revenge” on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his perceived support of Mitt Romney in the American elections. [NYT]

• Mason Tvert, a Jewish lobbyist who aided in the passage of the Colorado proposition legalizing recreational use of marijuana, was profiled by Ben Harris. [JTA]

• I was forwarded a video from a Jewish wedding this weekend in which the groom goes boldly after “Honky Tonk Woman” with his wedding band. The video quality isn’t great, but the effort is noble. Enjoy! [YouTube]