(Ravi Joshi)

Last week, we compiled a list of Tablet’s Best of 2012, culling through our different sections for some of the stories that we thought were pretty good.

As you settle in for the new year, pack for a warm destination or perhaps gear up for hibernation or some long travel, we thought to give you some of our year’s best podcasts to sustain you through the short days ahead.

• Back in February, Daniel Estrin reported on Ukraine’s “Jewish-themed” restaurant.

• Be sure to listen to Karen Brown on the uniquely terrible toll dementia and aging more generally can take on Holocaust survivors.

• In memoriam: David Rakoff, who passed away in August, spoke with Vox Tablet’s Sara Ivry about Felix Salten, the author of the original Bambi, and gives a haunting reading from that story.

• Our own Scroll Editor Emeritus Marc Tracy and Frank Foer talked heatedly and excitedly on the world of Jewish jocks.

• Earlier this month, photographer Joel Meyerowitz spoke about the many influences that have contributed to the pictures he’s taken over the past 50 years, from street photographer Robert Frank to his boxer-salesman-Catskills emcee father.

Enjoy! And let us know your what some of your favorite podcasts were.