(Assi Haim)

Kibbutzim are known for giving the real life Socialist experience. Unsurprisingly, that tends to mean that the food is terrible. But as Dana Kessler reports, that might all be changing with a new cookbook.

Hederochel teaches you how to make Beef Tongue With Olives à la Kibbutz Re’im, or how to bake Yankale’s Yeast Cookies, which were so legendary in Kibbutz Na’an that the recipe was engraved on the man’s tombstone. But the beautiful hardcover book is also a coffeetable book of sorts, replacing the usual glossy cookbook aesthetic with an understated matte design, more suitable to its notoriously modest subject. The book contains nostalgic archive photos that complement Haim’s soulful photographs of the different dishes, as well as his moving portraits of the kibbutz members who made them, all in the unassuming style of his photo-blog, Hamordim.

Check out the rest here (but only before lunch).