David Grossman(AP)

Songs that are almost exclusively about politics comprise a pretty narrow genre. Nevertheless, if I had to choose favorites, one of them would be “The Sticker Song,” although John Cornyn’s 2008 campaign ditty was pretty amazing. “The Sticker Song” is performed by Hadag Nahash, an Israeli hip hop group, whose American musical analogue is probably Jimmy Buffett. It’s basically a four-minute rapping out of Israeli political slogans made famous by their ubiquitous presence on the bumpers of Israeli cars. (An interesting side note: Contrary to popular belief, Israel has recently been named one of the world’s ten safest countries for drivers.)

But as Bari Weiss, The Scroll’s Election Day musical authority, just pointed out, Shirat Hasticker was actually written by Israeli novelist nonpareil David Grossman.

This may explain why I like the song. Regardless, my mind is officially blown.

Honk If You Love Bumper Stickers