Nicolas Sarkozy(AFP)

• When asked about reports that Iran’s underground nuclear facility at Fordo had suffered a major explosion, White House spokesman Jay Carney knocked down the rumors saying he didn’t believe they were “credible reports.” [BuzzFeed]

• Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy took a $200,000 speaking fee to address a United Israel Appeal fundraiser. Sarkozy used the speech to slam Israel’s leadership for isolating it from the world. The donors were not pleased. [Times of Israel]

• Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch was hospitalized for the fourth time since September following complaints of shortness of breath and a build up of fluid in his lungs. He was last released from the hospital two days ago. [NY1]

• 20 British Members of Parliament called for an apology for the Sunday Times of London to apologize for publishing an anti-Semitic cartoon featuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [Commentator]

• In need of a dispatch from the Sundance Film Festival? Try the Top 5 Most Jewish moment from Jewcy. It’s a pretty hilarious list. [Jewcy]