(Ashley Rodriguez)

While we were away in Poland, Friend-of-The-Scroll Emily Fleischaker prepared one of my favorite recipes for a feature she does at BuzzFeed. She even asked me for advice about how make it, which is hilarious since she graduated from culinary school and I am addicted to Taco Bell.

Now that BuzzFeed has smiled upon it, I wanted to share the dish with you. It’s Pimentón Rack of Lamb and the origins of the recipe are near and dear to me: I pilfered it a few years ago from the Times Dining Section and have been passing it off as my own culinary brilliance ever since.

As the article points out, it is the laziest way to make lamb. All you need is 30 minutes (or, for me, 40), a pan, and maybe a food processor. My favorite thing about the dish itself is the pimentón (smoked paprika) and Jewish rye topping, which gives it a little heat on the finish.

Plus, if you end up overcooking it a little, the topping will give you cover so you won’t feel sheepish (wakka wakka).

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