The Shell Station Where the Carjack Victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Escaped.(ABC)

• Following meetings with Orthodox Jewish rabbis in America, Western Wall pope Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz sounds much less amenable to the egalitarian prayer section proposed by Jewish Agency chief Natan Sharansky. [JTA]

• The 26-year-old Chinese businessman who was carjacked and kidnapped by the Tsarnaev brothers after the Boston Marathon bombing spoke with a reporter for the first time, recounting his terrifying night. [Globe]

• Former George W. Bush speechwriter praises the former president as a direct and deeply principled leader following the dedication of the Bush Presidential Library and Museum. [WaPo]

• Jonathan Chait refuses to accept the idea that George W. Bush was either a good president or a smart person. [NYMag]

• Chaya Kurtz writes smart on the strange Jewish obsession with bacon. [Jewcy]