W Hotel in Austin Celebrates Willie Nelson's 80th Birthday.(Flickr)

• At a press conference today, President Obama reiterated that he is not in a rush to intervene in Syria given how little is seemingly known about the reported use of chemical weapons there. [Reuters]

• Dina Wein Reis, a well-known New York art collector, has been sentenced to 19 months in jail and ordered to pay $8 million in restitution and fines for reportedly bilking several million dollars from companies in the Midwest. [IndyStar]

• Four men that are suspected of being part of a terror cell aiming to launch attacks in Italy, Israel, and the United States were arrested today in Italy. Police are on the search for two more men. [Reuters]

• John Malkovich is in Israel to perform in “The Infernal Comedy — Confessions of a Serial Killer,” which is a show about an Austrian serial killer. Can’t wait to read the reviews. [ToI]

• Jewish porn star James Deen credits his Jewish genes with helping him stay in shape. That’s gotta be a first. [Jewcy]