Boruch Spiegel.(Montreal Gazette)

• The European Union (finally) appears set to place Hezbollah’s military wing on the the EU’s list of terrorist organizations. It’s not the whole chicken, but it’s definitely a start. [AFP/Arabiya]

• Ryan Lizza explains the unprecedented nature of the Department of Justice’s public naming of Fox News reporter James Rosen as “an aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator” in its investigation of leaked classified material. [TNY]

• Uriel Heilman helps break down the controversy surrounding the Claims Conference and the organization’s alleged knowledge of fraudulent Holocaust-era restitution claims. [JTA]

• Boruch Spiegel, one of the last surviving fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, passed away earlier this month in Montreal at the age of 93. [NYT]

• Jane Mayer writes on an unflattering documentary about the super-wealthy. According to the film, billionaire David Koch reportedly only tips his doorman $50 at Christmastime. [TNY]