Today on Tablet Magazine, Liel Leibovitz reviews Inglourious Basterds, finding Quentin Tarantino’s new film “a bit of shallow propaganda … a worldview in which cool trumps consequence, nothing is real, and everything is permitted.” James Kirchick considers political columnist Robert Novak, who died earlier this week, and his relationship to Israel and Jews, both of which he harshly attacked throughout his career, and wonders whether the writer’s own conversion from Judaism to Catholicism helped harden his views. Leibovitz also looks at this week Torah portion, finding in it lessons applicable to the current health-care debate. And Marissa Brostoff interviews Sherwin Nuland, physician and Nextbook Press author, on what Maimonides would have had to say about universal health care. As always, there’ll be more through the day, including regular updates to The Scroll.