Known weirdo and founder of American Apparel Dov Charney has channeled his crazy-pants energy into something kind of touching and more trenchant than his usual lechery. Yesterday, his sweatshop-free company had to fire 1,500 employees because of questions about their immigration status. Devastated at having to say goodbye to such a large portion of his harem—er, workforce—Charney penned a tearful letter where he recounts that his grandparents were Jewish immigrants with experience in the garment trade, and bemoans the fact that “the Obama administration has failed to bring about immigration reform” especially when “the rallying cry of the Obama campaign was the words of Cesar Chavez ‘Yes we can’ or “Si se puede.’”

Although it may be a bit soon to declare the president a failure, Charney is writing with the frustration of a long-time committed activist with a personal stake in the issue. His letter is accompanied by photos of his grandmother’s passport and pre-WWII sweatshops. While he usually does everything in his power to make the public forget that there is anything good about his business (“The Vegas Legging,” anyone?), it’s good to be reminded that his heart is in the right place even when his other body parts behave questionably.

American Apparel to Dismiss 1,500 Factory Workers
Dov Charney’s Tear-Stained Letter to His 1,500 Laid-off Employees [Gawker]