• Former Knesset chef Ouri Nidam is now a purveyor of kosher food at Yankee Stadium; he knows more about cholent than he does about baseball’s biggest stars, who he has failed to recognize on at least one occasion. [Haaretz]
• At the risk of hurting our brains with more poll results, Gallup reveals that American Jews support President Obama in greater numbers than members of other religions. [JTA]
• Communities in Columbia, Missouri, geared up for a visit from the lovely folks of Westboro Baptist Church, who will pass through town today bearing their anti-Semitic, anti-gay messages. [KBIA]
• Short-sighted bandits have hacked up palm trees in an Israeli national forest to make lulavim for Sukkot, destroying the trees for future holiday use. [JPost]
• Tom Wolfe might be startled to learn that a new Jewish motorcycle gang, the Hillel’s Angels, is touring Germany in honor of the anniversary of the nation’s unification. [AFP]