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Ever since the current conflict in Gaza began, America’s celebrities have joined the fray the only way they know how: in 140 characters or less. Particularly notable were tweets by NBA star Dwight Howard and pop singer Rihanna, both of which consisted of a single hashtag: #freepalestine. Both celebrities promptly deleted their tweets so as not to get needlessly embroiled in a publicity flap. It’s a shame: the #freepalestine hashtag is one we should all embrace.

If you’re serious about desiring a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, if you’re acting in good faith and harbor no illogical hatred to one side or another, you realize right away that for both nations to live side by side with dignity, security, and prosperity, Palestine must first be free. The hashtag had it just right:

#freepalestine from the tyranny of bearded zealots who refuse any offer of ceasefire and who revel in using civilians as human shields and sacrificing innocent lives for cheap and noxious public relations gains.

#freepalestine from the leadership in Ramallah, incurably corrupt, focused only on petty political calculations, and devoid of any vision of the future that doesn’t involve blaming Israel for all the world’s ills.

And finally, #freepalestine from its inane advocates, here and elsewhere, who champion tactics Palestinians themselves find unacceptable and who never hesitate to destroy the necessary tenets of democracy in pursuit of their misguided cause.

Let’s all of us get on Twitter, then, and join RiRi et al in their rightful demand. For everybody’s sake, #freepalestine right now.

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