Rachel Shukert on Jewish Body Week from Tablet Magazine on Vimeo.

For today’s installment of Jewish Body Week, we present a video clip Tablet Magazine contributing editor Rachel Shukert talking about her Jewish body. Also today, Liel Leibovitz asks why Jewish men who made it in show business opted to cast non-Jewish women for so many leading roles. Eddy Portnoy looks at the tradition of Jewish muscleman, complete with a slideshow. Eryn Loeb explains how vegetarianism has connected her to the kashrut of her youth, and how she’s begun to leave both behind. Plus, a treat from the archives: Elissa Strauss explores the colorful variety of Yiddish slang for “vagina.” Stay tuned all week for more on the the Jewish body and a new video testimonial each day. And, of course, The Scroll is here to update you all day.