Livni in Washington for the AIPAC conference in May.(Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Last week Tzipi Livni, head of Israel’s Kadima party and opposition leader in the Knesset, attacked the Netanyahu government for isolating Israel on the world stage. “You have managed to beat the president of the United States, Israel’s greatest friend, or at least this is the impression you and your people tried to convey after the meeting,” she said during the opening of the Knesset. “You have managed to humiliate the only partner for a peace settlement Israel has. In short: We have beaten America, humiliated the Palestinians, isolated ourselves. Raise your head from the small politics and see what has happened, see that Israel is excommunicated.” This week, she’s continuing that line of attack, though a bit more subtly. While Netanyahu’s ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, very publicly declined an invitation to speak at next week’s J Street conference, sponsored by the left-leaning Israel lobby, Livni made a point of sending J Street’s founder and executive director, Jeremy Ben-Ami, a letter praising his group and apologizing for missing its confab. (Steve Clemens posted a copy of her note at The Huffington Post.) “In my view, the discussion within the pro-Israel community of what best advances Israel’s cause should be inclusive and broad enough to encompass a variety of views, provided it is conducted in a respectful and legitimate manner,” Livni wrote. In other words: I like you, even if closed-minded Bibi doesn’t.

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