• Thought there were enough versions of the Diary of Anne Frank? Not so, says Masterpiece Theatre, whose new rendition, set to air in April, portrays the Holocaust victim as a “feisty teenager” as opposed to a “tragic Jewish saint.” [NYPost]
• Bill Clinton and George W. Bush canceled a joint appearance sponsored by the American Jewish University in part because the event was marketed as “the hottest ticket in political history,” which Clinton felt implied that a fight would ensue. A promoter can dream, right? [JTA]
• Elie Wiesel criticized the Teabaggers for using images of Holocaust victims to protest President Obama’s health care plan; they responded on Politico, calling him “disgusting PR-seeking profiteering demagogue” and a “tool of the sick, perverted, racist, anti-semetic Democrap [sic] party.” One hit below the belt: “Elie, how did that whole Madoff thing work out for you?” [America Blog]
• In honor of the New York Times finally noticing the story of the British school that brought the question “Who is a Jew?” to its nation’s supreme court, Gawker offers a quiz where you can assess your own Jewiness based on what you eat for breakfast and your opinion of Larry David. [Gawker]
• Nobel prize winning physicist Vitaly Ginzburg has died at age 93; he had said that the importance of his work in creating the hydrogen bomb for the Soviets saved him from being imprisoned (or worse) during their campaign against Jews. [AFP]