• A Maryland rabbi uncovered the speech Judah Maccabee gave while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize over 2000 years ago. Its argument that peace sometimes requires war may sound familiar to those who have paid attention to more recent, and real-life, Nobel addresses. [JTA]
• A group of liberal activists wants Hadassah Lieberman—wife of Sen. Joe—booted from her position as “Global Ambassador” for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. (Relatedly: the Komen Foundation and Hadassah—the Zionist women’s organization—recently teamed up.) [Daily News]
• Naveed Haq was found guilty of murdering one woman at a Seattle Jewish center in 2006. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. [Haaretz]
• Slate’s Daniel Gross profiles Mrs. Cohen, from Hadera, Israel—a “John Doe”-esque name (she doesn’t actually exist) for the typical Israeli investor. [Slate]
• A special, funny link for our Christian readers: how to celebrate Christmas while being sensitive to your non-Christian friends. [The New Yorker]
• This is what a MacBook that Israeli border security has put three bullets through looks like. [Gizmodo]