• Israel announced plans to build 700 new homes in East Jerusalem. The move was condemned by Palestinian negotitor Saeb Erekat as well as a U.S. diplomat. [AP/WSJ]
• Alan Solow, a major figure in the Jewish-American organizational world, criticized Obama administration anti-Semitism envoy Hannah Rosenthal for her comments chastising Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren and defending J Street. [JTA]
• The Israeli military killed three West Bank men accused of murdering an Israeli settler a few days before; three more Palestinians died in an airstrike in north Gaza. [LAT]
• Numerous experts predict that the next time Israel finds itself in a Lebanon- or Gaza-style conflict, it will utilize even more force. [NYT]
• If you’ve been following the saga of Sean Goldman, the boy whose American father was trying to get him back from Brazil, then you may want to know that Sean and his father, David, are Jewish. [JTA]
• A scholar who sat on the Catholic-Jewish Historical Commission gives his thoughts on the controversial Pope Pius XII’s continued path toward sainthood. [Forward]