Today, the New York Times profiles one of Tablet Magazine’s favorite bloggers: Shmarya Rosenberg, proprietor of FailedMessiah. Born Scott Rosenberg to a Conservative Jewish family, Rosenberg was attracted to the Chabad Lubavitcher sect in his teens (whence the name change), before, several years later, falling out with it over what he considered their inappropriate messianic street (whence the name of his blog), as well as their failure to fervently stand up for Ethiopian Jews wishing to emigrate to Israel.

Since 2004, Rosenberg has document-dumped and muckraked, in the process uncovering various scandals in the Orthodox community:

Operating thousands of miles from the centers of ultra-Orthodox Judaism in Brooklyn and Jerusalem, waking at 3:30 A.M. and working a dozen hours at a stretch in an apartment cluttered with books, Mr. Rosenberg has had his scoops cited by The Wall Street Journal, Columbia Journalism Review, PR Week and Gawker. The national Jewish newspaper The Forward listed him among the 50 most influential American Jews, and the hip, cheeky magazine Heeb put him in its top 100.

So put FailedMessiah on your RSS. It’s on ours.

A Jewish Blogger Finds a Following By Digging in The Dirt [NYT]

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