Netanyahu exits the White House last night.(Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

• Prime Minister Netanyahu spent over three hours at the White House, consisting of a 90-minute meeting with President Obama; a conferral with aides; and then a requested second meeting. Uncharacteristically, the White House released no statement. [WP]

• A news analysis concludes that Israel’s diplomatic isolation is increasing and that the U.S. Administration is less enthusiastic about the countries’ special relationship than ever before. [WP]

• While official responses were muted, informally, Israeli officials and politicians were extremely pissed at Britain’s expulsion of a diplomat in connection with the fake passports in the Dubai assassination; British intelligence, noted one, “know how things work.” [JPost]

• Russia and China are trying hard to convince Iran to accept a U.N.-backed nuclear fuel plan. [Haaretz]

• Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts), who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, told Netanyahu he favors putting the building announcement dispute behind everyone. [Foreign Policy]

• Israel’s U.N. ambassador complained about Libya and Iran’s apparent bids to join the Human Rights Council; Libya in particular will likely land a spot. [JPost]