Energy tycoon Isaac Tshuva.(Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

• A long exposé reveals the civil war within Human Rights Watch over the group’s treatment of Israel, and concludes that the side which is less sympathetic to Israel have won. [TNR]

• An entertaining profile of Israeli natural gas magnate Isaac Tshuva. [Bloomberg BusinessWeek]

• An interesting, reported essay argues that while the wisdom of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is arguable, it is clearly preferable for such a strike to be undertaken by America than by Israel. [TNR]

• The U.S. Holocaust Museum has endowed a fund in memory of the security guard who was shot and killed in last year’s attack. [JTA]

• Tablet Magazine Deputy Editor Gabe Sanders is interviewing Chilean-American novelist, intellectual, and activist Ariel Dorfman this coming Sunday in New York City as part of the PEN World Voices Festival. [PEN]

Alef magazine wants your b’nai mitzvot pictures! Send at your own risk. [Alef]

“Bombs Over Tehran” would make a nice sequel. As a song, anyway.