Comrades carry slain policeman’s coffin.(David Buimovitch/AFP/Getty Images)

• AIPAC applauded the Israeli-led probe into the flotilla and the blockade (in a press release we received), while Prime Minister Netanyahu predicted that it would vindicate the Israeli government’s actions. [Haaretz]

• Meanwhile, in the probe’s composition Ben Smith sees further evidence of echoes between the Palestinian question and the Irish one. [Ben Smith]

• An Israeli police officer was shot dead in the first fatal attack on Israeli security in the territory in more than a year. [NYT]

• The University of California, Irvine suspended its Muslim Student Union in response to the disruption of Ambassador Michael Oren’s lecture several months ago. [JTA]

• Eyal Press on the new, emerging, nonviolent “white intifada.” [NYRB]

The New York Times—a weekly magazine of Jewish life and culture—has really outdone itself with this report on a bunch of old Jews (assuming that Frank Levy, Robert Brustein, Bob Schwartz, Marty Brustein, and Dick Zimmern are Jewish). [NYT]

Sometimes kittens wear hats.