Generalissimo Francisco Franco in 1969.(Wikipedia)

• The acting mayor of Amsterdam—the former mayor, Job Cohen, is currently leading his party in upcoming elections—is considering a plan to dress policemen up as Jews as a way to bait and then arrest perpetrators of anti-Semitic acts. The city apparently already dresses policemen up as old people and gay men for similar purposes. [Dutch News]

• A recently published document shows that in 1941 Spanish dictator Francisco Franco ordered underlings to create a list of 6,000 Spanish and foreign-born Jews to be handed over to the Nazis. I asked the Generalissimo for comment, but he responded with total, complete silence. [Ynet]

• Large majorities of the House and Senate have signed the AIPAC-endorsed (and J Street-challenged) letters backing Israel’s Gaza blockade. [Ben Smith]

• UC-Berkeley will soon be home to a major collection of Jewish art, music, and rare documents. [UC-Berkeley]

• Brazil, which had joined Turkey in opposing Iran sanctions in the U.N. Security Council, says now it is backing away from its more pronounced stance. [Haaretz]

• Tablet Magazine contributing editor Ben Greenman reads in Brooklyn tonight. [Greenlight Bookstore]

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) won’t be giving Drake a run for his money as the best Jewish hip-hop act anytime soon: