Mubarak last week, in Paris.(Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images)

• Turkey still wants that apology over the flotilla before it agrees to restore relations. [WSJ]

• A harrowing dispatch from Gaza. [NYT]

• Egyptian President Mubarak’s postponements of meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu has Israeli officials concerned about his reported cancer; there is also one report that the postponements were connected to Israeli actions in East Jerusalem. [Haaretz]

• There have been small clashes between U.N. soldiers and civilians in southern Lebanon recently, as that area grows more restive. [Haaretz]

• The head of the American Jewish World Service calls on international donors to shift focus toward building up earthquake-stricken Haiti’s indigenous governmental infrastructure. [NYT]

• President Obama nominated Jacob J. Lew, an Orthodox Jew, to be budget director, saying he is already in the “Hall of Fame” for his work in that position under President Clinton. [NYT]