At the White House today.(Stephen Crowley/NYT)

• “President Abbas,” Prime Minister Netanyahu will say tonight, “you are my partner in peace.” He will also concede the legitimacy of Palestinian claims to the land. [Haaretz/JTA]

• The U.S. government is funding an ad campaign in Israel touting moderate Palestinians as partners for peace. It seems fine, and then you stop to think about it, and it actually seems kind of weird, and worse. No? [UPI]

• Just how Jewish is Michael Bloomberg? [WSJ via Just ASC]

• The Orthodox Rabbinical Council of America will investigate Rabbi Marc Schneier’s reputed dalliances with many, many women, only several of them his wives. [New York Jewish Week]

• Berlin: A capital of Israeli music. History is, like, ironic, y’know? [PRI’s The World]

• Today, contributing editor Joan Nathan wrote about food and Rosh Hashanah for a daily magazine of Jewish life and culture. Plus, she wrote that great piece for us! [NYT]

Jewcy’s Jason Diamond found he doesn’t like: Jennifer Grey’s. Here she is, gloriously and gloriously pre-nose job, opposite the ultimate sheygets himself, in Dirty Dancing‘s best scene (that’s right I said it).