Prince Turki Al Faisal in 2006.(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

• A top Saudi prince vowed to refuse to engage Israel until it withdraws from all post-’67 land. [WP]

• Influential Israeli columnist Ari Shavit argues that the midterms won’t brake President Obama’s Mideast ambitions; only they “would justify the Nobel Peace prize he received” and grant “the international legitimacy he craves.” [Haaretz]

• As his group sets to re-start talks in Damascus, President Abbas said all Palesitinian governing functions could be shared with Hamas—except those concerning security. [JPost]

• A piece reports on the growing popularity, or at least plausibility, of a future Palestinian state simply containing a Jewish minority, much as Israel has an Arab minority. [AP/Vos Iz Neias?]

• The United States denied a French report that the synagogue-bound cargo bombs were scheduled to blow up only 17 minutes after they were disarmed. [AP/NYT]

• Two student groups are sponsoring Israeli Occupation Week at Brandeis. [JTA]