• The Lebanese army claims to have destroyed two Israeli spy cameras. They also claim a third device in Sidon was destroyed by the Israeli Air Force. [JPost]

• Ties between Greece and Israeli have never been tighter—thanks to the decline with Turkey. [JTA]

• The Palestinian Authority has bypassed the European Union for the first time and is directly appealing to individual countries—Britain, Denmark, France and Sweden—to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state [Haaretz]

• Meanwhile, Congress unanimously passed a resolution opposing the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. [Haaretz]

• Hizzoner’s media company Bloomberg LP will begin publishing editorials that channel his values and beliefs. [NYT]

• Columbia’s new Center for Palestine Studies is off to a bad start, writes former Tablet intern Jordan Hirsch. [TNR]

• Gerry Gittel, an American soldier, is dead. He was 69. [Boston Globe]