Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.(Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

• We may have mentioned once or twice that Henry Kissinger said some awful things recently (40 years ago). Tomorrow, a group of New York elected officials is holding a press conference demanding he apologize. I’d feel bad for him, but it is not a Scroll concern. [Vosizneias?]

• Buses in downtown Seattle will carry ads with the heading, “Israeli War Crimes: Your Tax dollars at work.” The ads cost $1,794 and will go up December 27th. [JTA]

• Benjamin Netanyahu met with Esther Pollard, wife of Jonathan. He told her that he has broached the subject of Pollard’s release 6 times with Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama. He’s not sure if he should again. (If you haven’t read Gil Troy’s piece on Pollard, now’s your chance). [JPost]

• Egypt claims to have broken a three man Israeli spy ring. No word if they’re responsible for the late Mossad Shark. [JTA]

• What are Jews? Nathan Glazer has a must read review of Kenneth Marcus’ book on this and other subject. [TNR]

• The other daily magazine of Jewish life and culture has a nice holiday story of love, rabbis and curses. [NYT]

Borscht! One of many ways to keep warm.