Congratulations to Tablet Magazine contributor Evan Goldstein, who was appointed yesterday as editor of Arts & Letters Daily. Goldstein will be replacing the founder of the website, philosopher Denis Dutton, who died a few weeks ago. Blake Eskin, the founder of Tablet Magazine’s predecessor Nextbook.org, wrote on the occasion of Dutton’s death that A & L Daily helped “prove that the Web could be a platform not only for fast-paced celebrity gossip and pictures of cute animals but for long and serious writing and the exchange of complex ideas.”

Another example of this rare animal, fittingly enough, is Goldstein’s brilliant 2009 Tablet profile of Shlomo Sands. The piece is excellent, much like Arts & Letters Daily, not because it is skeptical of Sands’ thesis (which I think it is), but because it places and contextualizes Sands within the world of ideas. You get the feeling from reading it that when historians write books on this period in Jewish history, they’ll read Goldstein’s article first. You should too.

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