Tzipi Livni earlier this month.(Gali Tibbon-Pool/Getty Images)

• Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni aligns herself with the pro-democracy crowd (with, y’know, caveats). [WP]

• Speaking of! Jacob Heilbrunn has an informative explication of the neoconservative split between the unabashedly pro-democracy wing (which is winning out) and the old-school, realist one. [Foreign Policy]

• Iran wants you to sell it your uranium. Especially if you are Zimbabwe. [AP/Haaretz]

• EasyJet, the British budget airline, apologized for loading bacon-and-ham sandwiches onto a flight out of Ben Gurion. Do people even eat bacon-and-ham sandwiches? [CNN]

• Rabbis and other Jews are getting active in the pro-union protests in Madison. Unrelatedly: How ‘bout that buzzer-beater last night? On, Wisconsin! [JTA]

• Meet the Israeli Daily Show. [Splitsider]

Wonder what Pitchfork would think of Alamaailman Vasarat, an all-Jewish “Finnish group playing kebab-kosher-jazz-film-traffic-punk-music with a unique Scandinavian acoustic touch”?